Operational Plan

Essential things in an operational plan of Divergent include:



•Contract & Networking

•Professional association software

•Effective & Efficient people from the real estate industry

•Target Market

•Viewer Behavior


The various operations of Divergent revolve around the providing of live/work apartments. 

Different departments of the company work both independently and cooperatively to meet long term objectives of the company. 

Purchase of Land

Construction of apartments

Marketing and advertising department works to promote the apartments so they should be rented out as soon as possible

The organization of our business depends on the size of the market in which it operates and the type of ownership under which it exists. The ownership must support the staff to work aggressively to penetrate in the market. During the first successful year of operation a set of standard operating procedures (SOPs) will be developed to support the success of B & H for coming years. A big market must be selected to utilize the efforts. 


Equipment required for smooth operations of Divergent. is given below.

•Website Development, SEO, Social Media Marketing equipment, online forums and online consultation.

•Professional association software


•A dedicated team of professionals

•Appropriate accounting information system for maintaining accounting records.

Human Resource

Human resource is the backbone of any organization. The management will be in the hands of directors. The management is fully qualified to run the organization. The staff will be paid handsome salaries for efficient workings. The staff will also be given a salary with all benefits. These measures will improve the working of the entity and will contribute to generating more revenue. Professional qualified staff must be employed to progress. The staff should be offered the right pays scale so, they may not leave the organization.

Our Business Structure

We have decided to hire qualified and competent hands to occupy the following positions;

•Chief Executive Officer

•Human Resources and Admin Manager

•Seasoned Agents

•Project Managers


•Real Estate Advisors

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