Launch Plan

For the successful launching of Divergent, complete guideline and technical expertise are required. Technical experts should have relevant experience to launch, run the operational activities of the company, make arrangement of financing for meeting operational expenses and hiring of relevant personnel for managing business affairs of the company. For registration of the company should be contacted with a legal expert having relevant experience. Management of Divergent should do more research about the market to devise a strategy for success. For the successful launching of Divergent followings things should be done by management:

  • Prepare a technical and feasibility study.
  • Should make agreements or contracts with tutors and corporate companies.
  • Develop, Float and manage complete Request for proposal (RFP) Process.
  • Should develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), operation support system (OSS).
  • Office set up
  • Human Resource with budget
  • Marketing strategy

Launching of Divergent:

We will provide live/work unit business for

  • High Rate of Revenue
  • The high rate of return on our investment.
  • Potential Market
  • Reputation
  • Power
  • For the benefit of masses
  • To establish a strong network
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