The Unites States has a reputation as a country of innovators because, for generations, many of the world’s most exciting new ideas came from its people and companies. A live/work unit is a space that combines your workspace with your living quarters. An extensive range of businesses may operate within live/work environments. The increased accessibility to advanced telecommunications has allowed more people of different occupations to work from their homes and has contributed to live/work’s growing popularity Divergent is a multidimensional company which focuses on providing building apartments that have unique space for both living and working. It is designed according to new needs of new generations. Divergent is La Vegas based company which simply is a building apartment that is both the residence and place of business of the tenant. We’re proud to provide the Las Vegas community with innovative living and working styles. Divergent has identified several target market segments that will be pursued. We have prepared this business plan to highlight some of the aspects of our business and systems. It details the market demands and growth and outlines the projected profit margins and cash flow over the next four years. We will ensure that we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards by meeting our client’s needs precisely and completely. We will cultivate a working environment that provides a human, sustainable approach to earning a living, and living in our world: for our partners, employees and our clients.

2.1 Objectives

The objectives of our company are provided below.

•To start generating profits from the first year of operations.

•To attain a reputed live/work apartment development name in Las Vegas.

•To maintain all the standards of construction using quality material and advanced technology.

•To build fully facilitated apartments with 100% of safety measures taken.

•To capture impressive market, share, and competitive advantage over competitors in Las Vegas.

2.2 Keys to Success

•To build and tailor our service to our customers.

•We will establish alliances and partnerships with other real estate corporate companies for effective marketing to our customers for example the Soho House.

•Creating great word of mouth promotion of services to our targeted customers.

•Genuinely listening to clients’ needs and providing the services according to requirements.

• We will try to learn as much about the demographic of our area as possible. Knowing the business profile of our area their businesses and requirements can assist in our decision-making process and targeted marketing. 

• The success of our services will in large part depend offering homes best suited to the needs of our clients

•Requires systems in place to continually bring in tenants.

•Getting a pulse on the real estate market of Las Vegas.

• To meet our market’s needs, we will keep up with new trends of living.

• We will try to secure long-term contracts for maintenance and renovation of all our properties that need such intervention.

•  Hire the right people.

•Success in this business looks as though time it becomes primarily a referral business. So increasing our expectations (goals) by 20% takes into account that, depending on our level of experience, we will have more repeat or at least referral business.

•We will start the design process by building to the wants of innovators and creators.

2.3 Mission

Our mission is to build a reputation and trust in Las Vegas real estate market. We are focused on the innovator community who needs their work and living space together. We aim to keep our environment green and healthy while performing all the business operations.

2.4 Company Location and Facilities

The company is newly established & it is construction live/work concept apartment buildings. The live/work incubator is developed in view all the needs of customers who want a space for their work inside the residence. This concept is old but our technology and design is innovative and new. The business entity will be working in the place of formation. The business entity is going to work in the field which is very much desirous of this facility. The company will keep increasing the venues for the company to increase its sales. It will be the most reliable construction project development company in the Las Vegas area and all the other destinations of company in the next five fiscal years.

2.5 Company Ownership

Divergent has been incorporated in the Las Vegas. The company is owned by a group who has completed 50 years of developing projects all over the globe. The team has done 100’s million dollars’ projects in the pacific rim.

2.6 Start-up Summary

We have a well-thought-out start-up plan that will help us move forward with proper marketing tools, equipment and personnel to get us started. The owner is investing his own funds $ 800,000 in business and requires an additional cash investment of $4,000,000 to help us with the capital and enable us to cover the major expenses. The money will cover our expenses until our cash flow is stable.

Our Team


Andrew Feiner

Senior Project Manager

Andrew Feiner is a senior project manager, at Toll Brothers and Ryan Homes. He has been in the industry for 25 years and capable of handling 100 million dollars projects in his past.


Kit Klehm

Lifelong Divergent Thinker

Kit Klehm is a lifelong divergent thinker, lifelong disruptor and has studied his entire life the wants of divergent thinkers. Growing up in a bio sensitive family, he has a strong desire to incorporate bio architecture into this building. 


Benjamin Landen

Sourcing Business

Benjamin Landen is in the sourcing business and green tech for the past 15 years. He  will be responsible for the green innovation technologies.


Bradford Hamilton


Bradford Hamilton has completed 50 years of developing projects all over the globe and he is the leader of the team. He has done 100’s million dollars’ projects in the pacific rim and as well in the pacific northwest.

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