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Business is about bio-architecture is a science.


Divergent is the premiere live-work development project in the Las Vegas area. We hope to create an revitalize communities by continuing to provide innovation and collaboration for our clients. Divergent is a multidimensional company which focuses on providing building apartments that have unique space for both living and working. It is designed according to new needs of a new generation.


A live-work unit is a space where an individual conducts their professional business in the same location as their home. Often it is divided so that the professional can entertain clients in a suitable environment but there are many whose space remains mixed use. The arrangement can be enormously beneficial because one can reduce stress by eliminating a commute, establish an easy transition from personal to professional tasks, and keep on top of client needs. Divergent is the perfect place in the Las Vegas area to achieve a truly balanced lifestyle.


Primarily small businesses that have a focus on creative services would benefit the most from such an arrangement but there are more ways now that technology has opened the way for more professions to have the ability to utilize telecommunications networks to stay connected to their clients and to connect to other clients. At Divergent we have included the highest quality networks so you can maintain connectivity and function at the highest level.


with the latest design trends

Statement of Innovative Opportunity

We will avail the current opportunities in Las Vegas by placing a particular focus on providing high-five live/work units. There is a vast market real estate in the Las Vegas area and we have an aim to capture the significant market share. This aim is only possible to attain through harder struggle and convincing the business owners to rent our apartments to avoid losses. We will carefully craft our company by devoting ourselves to offering premium services to our customers. We will maintain our leading position in the live/work unit’s real estate industry of Las Vegas. We have a plan to improve the standard of our service through proper research and development. We can get the efficiency through the appropriate input of information required for this purpose. We are working on services which are more reliable and efficient in terms of results for the customers. The prices are negotiable so that the customers can acquire our services.
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